Honor Revolution

Around the world, across borders and inside human hearts from every nation, a revolution is happening. People once suffocated by shame are taking their first gasping breath, eyes opening to a new life of honor instead of disgrace.

Shame was never meant to be your portion, sings poet and artist Kristene Mueller DiMarco in her song titled Mercy.

It was not part of the original plan for humanity, so lovingly created with intrinsic worth and value. Every man and every woman was created with immeasurable significance, designed to love and be loved.

In the next chapter of humankind, the lies began and shame entered, robbing man and woman of their true identity.

Your true identity and mine is cherished by God.

Shame conceals the truth. Honor reveals it.

Some people are brave enough to fight their way out of the darkness and claw for the truth like their lives depend on it. In reality, their lives do depend on it. I know mine did.

For me, the journey from shame to honor began at age thirteen when as a desperate girl I begged God to take my life. Abuse and rejection had wallpapered my reality with lies posing as undeniable truth. Jesus came to me and offered me hope. My decision to trust him was not admirable; it was desperate. I had nowhere else to turn.

In the years since he has never let me go.

I have learned that the One I naively chose to follow so long ago is much more than I ever imagined. He is a Rescuer, a Comforter, A Restorer. My Savior is a Fierce Protector, a Fighter. He defends my cause and makes the rough places smooth.

He loves me.

In my journeys across the globe, I have discovered that I am not alone in this realization. I have become part of a growing fellowship of risk-takers who have decided to raise their voices, silenced for so long by shame, and cry out in hope as they follow hard after the One who gives honor and value.

His name is Jesus, and He gives honor instead of shame.


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