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Honor instead of shame, hope instead of despair, instead of darkness…light.

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Audrey FrankI’m Audrey. I am a storyteller, and the stories I tell are true and brave. They give voice to the ones whose words were silenced by a shroud of shame.

I hope you’ll consider me your story-telling tour guide, leading you through an art gallery hung with God’s great masterpieces, created in the lives of people around the world who have been given honor instead of shame, gladness instead of mourning, hope instead of despair.

I have a degree in cross-cultural studies and years of experience living among different worldviews, but my greatest credential is that my own picture hangs in His gallery, streaked with the contrasts of deepest darks and brightest lights.

It is now my joy to show you how He continues to rescue people from shame in every culture. Instead of shame… honor.

Maybe you will find your story here too.